The Head Ball Coach Steve Spurrier Is Returning To The Sidelines

This is not a drill. The Head Ball Coach is returning to the sidelines as a head coach and I for one can’t wait for the first visor toss. Spurrier is joining the Orlando franchise of the Alliance of American Football League. The AAF is a new league, expected to ‘rival’ the NFL, which starts in February of 2019.

Getting Spurrier to be a head coach there is a big win. It’s a name that everyone, football fan or not knows simply because of his past. Throw in the fact he’ll be coaching in Orlando and it’s an even bigger win considering his ties to Florida as a Heisman Trophy winner and legendary coach for the Gators.

The AAF is bringing in big names, since the league announced it will be a thing back in March of this year. Overseeing the league is Bill Polian and Troy Polamalu. Also helping out with the league is Hines Ward, Justin Tuck and Dick Ebersol. The plan is to have eight teams in the league, all announced by June of this year. So far, Orlando is the first team announced.

There will be a 10-game regular season with four teams advancing to the playoffs. Rosters will be drafted in a territorial type draft, with protection for college players near their respective AAF teams. That means we could be seeing Spurrier coach Florida, Florida State and Miami players. I’m ALL the way here for that. I don’t care if Spurrier will by 73 by then, it’s still Spurrier.

The AAF is selling itself as being a minor league of sorts for the NFL as it will start after the season ends. However, there will be different rules with a 50-player roster and no TV timeouts. They are really selling the fact that the game will be quicker, including a 30 second play clock and 60% fewer commercials. There will also be no kickoffs, but if a team wants to try an onside kick, they will do so by getting the ball at the 35 yard line and needing to gain 10 yards on the play in order to keep the ball. Games will be televised on CBS.

I’ll be curious to see what other areas the AAF looks to expand as it will be key to keep those invested in college football around. I fully expect to see a team or two in Texas and California, but also wonder if they’ll go to Atlanta area to get SEC fans. That’s going to be the key here. It’s going to be a developmental league, so there will still be names that college fans know, it’s just a matter of selling the product correctly.

Again, getting Spurrier to coach is selling the product correctly, because, well, this video will do the trick: