UF Coach Jim McElwain Took A $400K Loss On His House So That A Family With Two Disabled Kids Could Have It

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GAINESVILLEJim McElwain and his family didn’t have to accept the offer that became a punchline.

At first, they didn’t. They rejected a bid well below the $1.8 million they paid for their Gainesville home in 2015, when McElwain was entering his first season as the Gators’ coach instead of exiting his final one. The house they no longer needed wasn’t even officially on the market.

So here’s why the McElwains ultimately agreed to the $400,000 hit — the one that led to digs about taking another loss after a 22-12 run at Florida.

Because the family who made the offer has two disabled kids.

Because the home’s ramps, lift and wide hallways were perfect for a wheelchair.

Because the converted garage would make a great first apartment for a 20-year-old with limited mobility.

“Because the McElwains have a good heart,” said their real estate agent, Daurine Wehbe. “No one knows that. No one appreciates that.”

The Staab family does.

You know who feels like a piece of shit today?

The headline writer on this guy.

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To be fair the joke practically wrote itself at the time.  A rocky 22-12 run and a $400K loss on the sale of your house when you get run out of town.  I mean this is the SEC.  You don’t get off scot free without going 34-0 with 2 national championships.

Unfortunately as luck would have it, it turns out the loss was because Jim McElwain gave it to a family who needed it for cheap, because of the wide hallways and ramps for their 2 disabled children.  He basically set half a million bucks on fire, after getting fired, to help a family out.

The adjustment would have been even tougher without more help from the McElwains.

When they toured the place before the deal was finalized, Tyler and Samantha mentioned a few things they liked. Some were practical, like pool furniture. Some weren’t. The pool and poker tables in Tyler’s apartment. The UF buggy in the garage. The toilet paper dispenser shaped like a gator.

The McElwains left them all behind for the Staabs to enjoy.

Jim — now the receivers coach at Michigan — and Karen politely declined to talk for this story, so Rick can only guess why they helped his family so much.

“I can’t get in their heads, but I can think of a million reasons why to do it,” Rick said. “And all positive.”

That’s why the jokes about the McElwains’ $400,000 loss bothered Rick so much. McElwain took a six-figure financial hit, then kept giving to Rick’s two disabled kids — and was ridiculed for it.

“McElwain took a six figure financial hit then kept giving to Rick’s two disabled kids”

Live look at the headline writer

You hate to see it.  But you LOVE to see someone be as awesome a human being as Jim McElwain.

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