Hero Gun Shop Owner Thwarts A Potential Syracuse University Mass Shooting From Happening

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 Daily Orange

A Syracuse University student stockpiled weapon accessories and threatened to commit a mass shooting before being deported last month, a Syracuse Police Department official revealed at a Thursday meeting reported by

Xiaoteng Zhan, a 22-year-old SU student, was apprehended by federal agents in late March after attempting to return to Syracuse from Mexico, reported. Before his deportation, Zhan had attempted to buy an AR-15 — an assault rifle frequently used in recent mass shootings — and sought psychiatric care twice in recently, according to

When authorities entered Zhan’s apartment in mid-March, officers found ammunition, a shotgun shoulder carrier, laser scope and ammunition, reported.

CRAZY story coming out of my alma mater Syracuse today where it’s been learned a gun shop owner likely saved a horrifying situation from happening. A 22 year old student from China went to buy a gun at a local shop and presented all types of red flags. He barely knew anything about guns and claimed he was going to learn all about at an SU class, which absolutely does not exist I can tell you that much. This caused the owner to not only deny this kid first an AR-15 and then a shotgun, but to also write down all of his info in the process and report it to the authorities. While Zhan was on Spring Break they got a warrant to search his place and found guns and ammunition all over the place. A text message with a friend showed this guy was really up to some horrible shit.

“I might use the gun to cause trouble,” Zhan said in the texts read at the meeting by McGork. “I have been preparing.”

Zhan’s friend, in the text message conversation, tried to convince him not to kill her or other children, per

“You’re the only one I don’t want to kill,” Zhan responded.

JESUS CHRIST. Here’s what the owner had to say about his interaction

“This guy’s on the edge,” Laubscher thought.

After refusing to sell Zhan a gun, Laubscher copied down his license plate number and called the sheriff’s office. That set in motion a weeklong investigation that led to Zhan being deported to China March 20, authorities said. Zhan said that he didn’t know how to use the gun he wanted to buy. But, Zhan said, he was going to learn through a class at SU.

“I’m going to buy the gun now, then there’s a class at school where I’m going to learn how to use it,” Zhan told the shop owner. 

Laubscher, who got a master’s degree from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, said there’s no way SU had a class to teach firing high-capacity shotguns.

“When was the last time you heard of a tactical shotgun class at SU?” Laubscher said he thought to himself.

Thank god this owner had a brain and acted on this. Syracuse University is all that area has and if a massive shooting went down I just don’t know how they’d ever recover. My heart is racing just thinking about what could have happened. I don’t want to get into any gun laws and stuff like that because that’s not why you come to our site but I just wanted to give some major props to John Laubscher for being a goddamn hero and acting instead of just brushing this encounter off to the side.

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