The 2010 Flyers Clinching A Playoff Berth Over The Rangers In A Shootout Taking You Into The Weekend

It was the final game of the season. The final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference came down to the Flyers and the Rangers. Winner advances, loser packs up their shit and goes home. Regulation ends 1-1. Overtime ends 1-1. That shit goes into a shootout. Danny Briere with a goal. Claude Giroux with a goal. And then it’s Brian Boucher coming up with the save on Olli Jokinen to send the Flyers into the playoffs. And not only did that save send them to the playoffs, but the Flyers would go on to the Stanley Cup Final that year. I forget who ended up winning. That’s not really important. All that matters is that the Flyers got into the playoffs on the last day of the season and rode that all the way to the SCF.

This year will be a little different. When the Flyers play the Rangers on Saturday, all they’ll need is one point to clinch a spot in the playoffs. So if the game goes to a shootout, it doesn’t matter who ends up winning since the Flyers will have already locked up everything they needed to. Obviously if Florida ends up losing to the Sabres tomorrow night, none of tomorrow’s Flyers vs Rangers game matters because the Flyers will be in. But still. The Panthers game is at 7pm. The Flyers game is at 3pm. So for all intents and purposes, the Flyers still need a point tomorrow to clinch. Let’s fucking have a day, boys.