Frisky Fella Fornicates With A Golf Hole And Sticks The Pin Up His Bum


Look, I know that people hate reblogs but I dont care. I actually feel kind of insulted that Jerry blogged this. I feel like I was owed this professional courtesy. Are we not professionals? This is my beat. If I see some risky business involving teachers or Patriots players, I leave those alone. I dont blog about figure skating, so imagine my surprise when I hop into the ole blogging factory and notice that a blog has been written about a young man sticking a golf pin up his ass. It was hurtful, and I’m not talkin about the pin, folks.

When I first started jerking off, I fucked couches. I would rub my little wiener with my thumb and caress the head of my dick ever so gently. When nature would take its course, I would hump the couch. Sometimes, for nostalgia’s sake, I still do that when no one is home. Fucking the couch is kinda like smelling caramel apples at the fair. It just takes you back to a simpler time where things weren’t as complicated.

I gotta think that’s how this fella felt when he had a flag pin up his ass. He probably pined for a time in his life when a barbie’s foot was up his butt stimulating his prostate ever-so crudely and he couldn’t resist the temptation. I mean, after all, when Tiger is back and the pin is giving you this look, what are you supposed to do?


You take that pin, you shove that fucker right up into your ass, and you fuck the hole. You put your pin in the cup and take the flagstick and aim for a hole in two. Get it? Number 2? Because that’s where the poop comes from.