Conor McGregor Has Been Arrested And Charged With Assault (Wink, Wink)

TMZ - Conor McGregor just surrendered to authorities in connection with the bus attack at Barclays Center … TMZ Sports has learned.

As we previously reported, cops wanted to speak with Conor after he threw a dolly into a bus which was carrying several UFC fighters and staffers, Multiple people were injured in the attack — included fighter Michael Chiesa … who was hospitalized with lacerations to the face.

There’s only oneeeeeee Conor McGregor!

There’s only oneeeeeee Conor McGregor!

I don’t give a fuckkkk that he was arrested. I’ve spent all day thinking/hoping it’s a work because Dana White is out to prove he can make UFC the headlining act on Masters AND Wrestlemania weekend, and either way, he’s done just that. I will never give up hope Conor just ruined and entire PPV’s card and got himself arrested because it’s what’s best for business. I just love believing in conspiracies like this so much, and I hope you too. Backroom deals involving Conor, other fighters, and the NYPD that we couldn’t even imagine. Shit right out of movies.

And if it’s actually real, doesn’t matter. Because we’re still talking about the UFC, and now, guess what?? Conor’s comeback fight is going to be LEGENDARY. You think Dana is going to cut him because of one little incident where Conor could have killed just about anyone he wanted to? For sure not. God dammit, these guys are just the best businessmen in the world. There’s only oneeeeeee Conor McGregor!