This Is The Face Of A Guy Arrested For Attacking His Girlfriend With A Pizza

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WKBN - A Masury man faces a domestic violence charge after a woman reported that he attacked her and hit her in the face with a pizza.

Kenneth Evans, 24, was arrested early Wednesday morning.

Brookfield police were called to a home on Broadway Avenue where they heard yelling inside.

An officer tried to open the door but reported that Evans slammed it shut.

He was standing inside of the door and was highly intoxicated, according to police. The officer reported that Evans was screaming and belligerent.

He told police that he was arguing with the woman and had flipped over a couch, but he denied touching her, according to a police report.

Police said the house was trashed, with the couch upside down against the wall.

The woman told police that Evan began screaming at her while she was driving him home. She said he pushed her head repeatedly while she was driving and at one point, hit her in the face with a pizza.

You can’t hit a woman. Everyone knows that. Day 1 stuff, really.  And you especially can’t hit a woman with a pizza. I mean, people have been given the death penalty for way less. Shit, Adnan has been serving his life in jail for maybe killing that chick, and they couldn’t even locate the payphone at Best Buy. But in the mean time, this dude not only hit his lady, but also wasted an entire pizza? Unforgivable. Unjustifiable. Unconstitutional.

But obviously the point of this blog is the mugshot at the top. That’s an all time mugshot. While everyone knows my favorite mugshots are when the people are crying, makeup running down their faces, the dude at the top is all time. For the rest of his life, that picture will define him. People will ask “does this look like the face of a guy who hit his girlfriend with a pizza?” And the answer will always be yes, yes it does.