Woman Gets Called A "Fat Bitch" At A Cupcake Shop So She Crafts An Absolutely Perfect Plan

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I think this woman sets a new precedent here. In all honesty, she made the only move that she possibly could. You really dont have many avenues of recourse at a cupcake shop after you are called a fat bitch. You are, however, armed with the overwhelming fact that every swinging dick and tit in the joint wants a delicious cupcake.

When you are at the front of the line, you wield the power. You have the power of becoming more than just any ole fat bitch who is trying to buy a rich, delicious and expertly-baked cupcake. You can be a day ruiner. If you ruin my day at the cupcake shop by calling me a “racoon-faced cuck with the biggest belly at the bonanza” from this point forward, I will buy out the cupcakes and eat them to soothe my pain. Yes. I stress eat. I’m sorry; I’m working on it.

Now, the only way the cupcakeless person could turn the tables back in her direction is to knock the cupcakes on the ground. Spending 54 dollars and getting “accidently” ran into on the way to your car would be absolutely horrible. Doesn’t seem like that’s what happened here. Thank the Lord for Easter miracles. Happy Passover too. I dont wanna offend.