If The Bruins Actually Care About The City Of Boston, They'll Beat The Panthers Tonight In Regulation

Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins

Listen. I don’t care who you’re a fan of. The news about Kyrie Irving today sucks. You never want to see an elite athlete have his season cut short due to injury. Especially not a knee injury. A lesser man could get up here and try to make a joke about an athlete suffering a season-ending knee injury. But not me. It’s not in my DNA to do anything after an athlete gets injured besides pray for a speedy recovery.

Now obviously this news sucks even more so for Boston fans. They already saw Gordon Hayward go down. Now it’s Kyrie. It sucks. I feel terrible for them. I swear to whatever god you believe in that I do. But the good thing about sports is that teams are always able to find ways to lift the spirit of their city when their city needs them the most. That’s why nothing would be better for the city of Boston than for the Bruins to absolutely blow out the Florida Panthers tonight. I’m not talking an overtime win. I’m not talking a 2-0 win. I’m talking pure savagery. A nice 5-goal win would really do the trick. The sports fans in Boston deserve it after the day they’ve been having.

In the meantime, if the Philadelphia Flyers just so happen to beat the Hurricanes tonight as well? That would just be a little icing on the cake. But again. This isn’t for the Flyers and their quest to clinch that final wild card spot in the East. This is for a fanbase who is completely devastated right now after losing their star point guard for the rest of the year. They deserve this win more than anybody, and the Boston Bruins should have the decency to deliver it to them. That’s all I’m saying. But again, it would also be nice for the Flyers to win as well.

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Just do it.