Stephen A. Smith Says Josh Rosen Prefers New York Over Cleveland Because There Are More Jews


“Now, in defense of Jim Mora, he may have been doing it to dissuade the Cleveland Browns from picking him because Josh Rosen according to my sources would prefer to be in New York…he’s Jewish, there’s a stronger Jewish community.”

Riiiiiiiight….that’s the reason Josh Rosen would prefer to live in New York City instead of Cleveland….the Jewish community…..

That’s why any 21 year old would rather play in the greatest city in the world over Cleveland.  Why are you looking at me like that?  What other reason could there possibly be?

The Jew Force is strong out here.  We run this shit.  Good luck finding a solid seder in Cleveland.  Good luck finding a solid bagel to put lox and shmear on.  Know where you can find that in NYC?  Literally any street corner.  Walk outside right now and turn 360 degrees.  How many bagel places did you see?  3?  It’s Jew life all day every day out here.   Everything is Kosher. Every apartment you enter for a little weekend house party has a mezuzah on the door frame.  Passover was fucking lit.  The Browns would be doing a huge mitzvah by passing on Rosen in the draft.

Live look at the draft party when the New York Jets select Josh Rosen.


Cleveland has 80,000 Jews?  I would have guessed 14.  Go figure.  I know Stephen A. is literally never wrong but maybe it’s not the religious factor after all.  Maybe it has something to do with wins and losses and front office management.  Makes you think.

[h/t The Big Lead]