White Sox 2017 First Round Pick Jake Burger Vows To Return From His Achilles Injury At The Top of His Game

The baseball gods haven’t been great to the White Sox’ prospects so far in 2018.  Eloy has had a few nagging injuries (which seems to be a trend, fuck), Robert hurt his thumb and has been sidelined up to 10 weeks, Alec Hansen has forearm tightness, and Jake Burger ruptured his achilles tendon.

Tommy John, ACL’s, scopes, etc. are so routine these days that players are more or less expected to return at least to the same level of play that they were at prior to the injury once fully recovered.

Not the achilles though.  In case you’re not aware, rupturing an achilles is basically the worst injury that can happen to an athlete.  That’s an injury that can completely ruin a players’ career.  Off the top of my head, it killed Kobe and Arian Foster’s careers, and I’m sure there’s a plethora of others.

And now we get to Jake Burger.  Burger has a few things working in his favor:

1. he doesn’t play RB in the NFL

2. He doesn’t play 2 guard in the NBA

3. He’s only 21 years old

4. It was his left leg, aka his non plant/drive leg

Now, that may just be a long list of spin zones.  Anytime I hear the words “ruptured achilles” I typically go ahead and cuncel that player.  I had a chance to Interview him on Red Line Radio Monday night, and he completely, totally, 100% convinced me that he will return from the injury better than he was before it.  I may have had my doubts going into the interview, but once we finished up with him I was nodding my head in belief, and I don’t have one ounce of doubt the organization doesn’t feel the same way.   I was kinda like the Mexican dude in Half Baked when he asked the guy sleeping on the couch if he killed Killer

I believe him, yo.  I dunno why but I do

Other than his shitty, ill-timed injury, his baseball acumen was as good or better than anyone we’ve had on the show thus far, and we’ve had some of the best baseball guys around on it.  On top of being funny, candid, and willing to talk to a couple of Chicago assholes like Carl and I, just listening to him talk about his approach to hitting and how he attacks his defensive work was straight up baseball porn for anyone who loves the game.

Listen to the whole interview below, Jake was awesome for us.  Once recovered, he’s going to man 3B for a long time on the South Side.  Such an impressive baseball mind

Opening day is today at the G Spot.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1 million times; FIFTY BAD BASEBALL GAMES is all we have left to suffer through.  Then this crop of *prays to baseball gods* super stars will start to arrive in the South Side in waves.  Cannot fucking wait

ALSO, Jake Helps out with the ALS Research Foundation.  We at Barstool Sports obviously fucking hate this disease and will do anything we can to give to those trying to find a cure for it.  So, if ya have a few extra bucks laying around, donate to the ALS Research Foundation, link below