Gametime Has Decided That We LOVE That Ninja Guy

“Listen I don’t know shit about Fortnight but I guarantee you if I practiced for a month I’d kill the shit out of this Ninja guy. He wouldn’t know what hit him. I wouldn’t need purple hair or fancy joysticks. I’d use my brain, my fast thumbs and put this guy 6 feet under.” -El Pres

Bold words from our fearless leader and although I strongly disagree with his Ninja take, I love seeing the video game moxy flowing out of Dave Portnoy once again. People forget, but he was THE Sega Genesis player of our time back in the day. It’s something I’ve always remembered, mainly because it was plastered all over my wall at UMass senior year…

(Daily Collegian before getting banned PERMANENTLY) – The entrepreneurial sports fan, gambling addict and blogger was born in 1977 and grew up in Swampscott, Mass. Following in his sister’s footsteps, he attended the University of Michigan. While he had no intentions of ever becoming a teacher, he majored in history education simply because the school of education did not have a language requirement.

“I did nothing extracurricular, nothing anything. I was just a typical f****n’ play Genesis all day, Sega all day [kind of guy]… and then I partied. That’s all I did. I did the least amount that I could possibly do and still graduate,” he said.

He did, however, start a gambling website. “It was a joke,” he said.

The genesis of El Pres was literally from playing Sega Genesis. You hear a lot about the 5 am newspapers and Astrovan and fighting off homeless people in Barstool lore, but not a lot about these glory days. The days of gaming 24/7, talking that shit, and enjoying life to the maximum with all the fun and zero responsibility. Essentially all the things that Barstool Sports stands for today. And our Gametime page on Twitch is no different.

Me and Smitty are happy to carry on the video game torch here at Barstool but if Dave is serious about getting back on the sticks than I want to get him the help he needs. Ninja is much more than a guy running around in a bunny suit making 500k a month… He’s a guy running around in a bunny suit that happens to be KILLING EVERYONE, while definitely making way more than 500k a month. Could Dave take him out with a month straight of training? Well,, it hard to say…


Even if you know nothing about video games or how Fortnite works, it’s pretty clear that Ninja FUCKS. It’s honestly gameplay like I’ve never seen and he’s just so damn consistently amazing. And to top it all off? He’s actually a good human as well. HATE to see it…

Not to put his penis entirely down my throat but he’s also an incredible trail blazer for the entire gaming community as a whole. Streaming with Drake on Twitch opened up a lot of eyes to what this whole crazy digital world is and although there will always be hardcores involved, there is also plenty of space for common men and women that dig video games too. That’s exactly what Gametime is for.

Davey Dave Pageviews is always welcome to come train with us on Twitch but until Ninja steps up to the plate, it’s gonna be me and Smitty carrying the load folks. Last night the Blockhead streamed for 4 hours and played with our old friend Faccento, who was the Pro Gaming ringer Pat McAfee brought in to destroy us in CoD: WW2. And destroy us he did… Using only a shovel.


Believe it or not… He’s even better on Fortnite. Catch up on the stream below and see everyone tonight on Twitch at 7:30 pm for more

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