The Phillies And Mets Are Not On TV But You Can Catch Them Streaming Only On Facebook For Some God Forsaken Reason

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Phillies/Mets – You can watch the Mets-Phillies game on Wednesday, but not on broadcast or cable TV. The game, scheduled for 1:10 p.m. will be the first of 25 major league games to be shown only on Facebook. Since all the Facebook games this season are on weekday afternoons, the target audience may be largely people shirking at work. Facebook is said to have paid about $30 million for the games. MLB Network announcers will call the game, which can be found on the MLB Live page on Facebook.

So this is a thing. The Phillies/Mets game is (legally) streaming only on Facebook because…well, I’m not exactly sure. Anything to hide the fact manager Gabe Kapler can’t manage, amiright? Regardless, old school heads everywhere are up in arms they can’t watch the game on Prism NBC Comcast per usual, as they kind of should be. Get ‘em, Glen!

Usually elderly radio hosts shoot out those kind of “Old Man Yells At Cloud” takes that makes the youts rebel in their dungarees. But I get where Glen Macnow is coming from here. Sure, anybody with a pulse can easily use Facebook, but nobody with a brain actually wants to use the site. I just opened Facebook and the first thing that popped up was an automated video that a “Friend” I haven’t even thought of in 6 years has been friends with someone I’ve never met for 8 years. Sweet. Oh, and 4 other sponsored ads combined with a Barstool video of some kid Dartying his dick off by flying off a shed and shattering is femur. Thanks? Still, I’d rather see that than an overly political Aunt or insecure people who only post how perfect their lives are even though they’re dying inside.

Keep up the mediocre work, Facebook. And broadcast all the games you want. As long as I can illegally hear the sweet, soothing sounds of Scott Franskie and LA (during only home games, sadly), all is well.

PS – When the Phillies aren’t on when the TV Guide says my Grandmother is going to raise HELL. You don’t rock the fuck out of these Phanatic slippers all day, every day and miss an inning on the tube.