The Future Is Here! Today's Mets-Phillies Game Can Only Be Seen On Facebook And I Love It

MLB- The Phillies and Mets will become a small part of sports media history today when they participate in MLB’s first digital-only national regular-season game broadcast. The afternoon game at Citi Field will air in the United States exclusively on Facebook Watch, a video platform that launched last August. Those wishing to see aces Noah Syndergaard and Aaron Nola square off in a 1:10 p.m. ET matinee can log onto Facebook Watch’s MLB live page from their phones, tablets, smart TVs or other streaming devices. MLB Network will produce the game, with play-by-play man Scott Braun, analysts Cliff Floyd and John Kruk, and in-game reporter Alexa Datt on the call. The broadcast crew will take a social-first approach and interact with the audience throughout the broadcast to bring the ballpark experience to Facebook.

Fans can interact with Floyd, who played for the Mets from 2003-06 and has served as an analyst for SNY, and Kruk, a Phillie from 1989-94 and a regular member of the team’s local broadcast crew. That includes between innings during the commercial-free broadcast. “We plan on interacting with the audience from 1 o’clock all the way to the end of the game,” Braun said. “Whatever it is you would say at home, if you comment, we’ll respond as much as we can.”

There is an old saying, I believe from Field of Dreams, that states “If you are in the middle of a national crisis in America where Russians helped destroy the trust your users have in your product, you should stream some baseball games on your website and everything will be gucci”. I believe it was James Earl Jones’ character that said that.

Anyway, today is the day many of us will go back to our Facebook pages, ignore a million baby pictures, quickly double click to erase the red notification badges, and watch America’s past time while Mark Zuckerberg’s people watch us. Good times! I know some people are pissed about this because it’s not on MLB Network or streaming on MLB.TV. But I don’t care about any of that because I’m too cheap/poor to buy MLB.TV and happy that any cube monkeys with a burner Facebook account can watch today’s game for free. The only thing that makes me sad is that it’s a national game, which means one less game with Gary, Keith, and Ron. Luckily Keith is dropping straight fire from Twitter to give us our GKR fix.


Would I prefer if the game was on Twitter, YouTube, or any of the other millions of sites not embroiled in a national privacy scandal? I guess. But I think we can all agree that our personal data has probably been compromised since we started recklessly agreeing to Privacy Policies that we didn’t word one read of the minute we got onto the internet. Now I get to become an internet commenter and talk shit to John Kruk, talk with fellow Mets fans as we are locked in an internet panic chat room when Familia comes into the game, and drop emojis all over Uncle Cliffy’s sweet face.

Oh yeah and there are no commercials during this broadcast. That’s probably my favorite part. The only commercial worth its salt these days is that iPhone X commercial where we all dance like goofy assholes in the comfort of our own home because that song BANGS.

Unfortunately the NCAA tourney overplayed that commercial by about noon of the opening Friday of the tournament. So give me a day baseball game I don’t have to pay for with all the noises at the ballgame, maybe a sneak peak at the Kiss Cam, as I watch the NBA2KLeague draft in another window and I’m happy.


Also FYI for anybody that wants to watch the game once the rain delay is over.

How to watch on mobile and desktop
1. Search for “MLB Live” on Facebook
2. Follow the “MLB Live” show page

How to watch on TV
1. Download the Facebook video app on your TV or streaming device and search for “MLB Live”
2. Or stream the game from your phone to a TV on the same WiFi network by tapping the TV icon.

Writer’s Note: I don’t really have an opinion one way or the other about today’s game being on Facebook, but since Smitty shit all over it despite the fact his career is becoming more and more tied to streaming video on the internet, I figured I would throw him a life boat.