Yankee Stadium Booing Giancarlo Stanton On April 3rd During An 11-4 Win Might Be The Most New York Thing To Ever Happen

During yesterday’s 11-4 shellacking of the Tampa Bay Rays, newcomer superstar Giancarlo Stanton didn’t have the best of days. In fact it was his worst statistical day at the plate in his nine seasons in Major League Baseball, as he struck out all five times at the plate. Was it the best of looks for a guy donning pinstripes for the first time in New York? No, certainly not. And despite the Yankees being in full control of the ball game, the fans let him hear it in the 8th inning, unloading a showering of boos as he walked back to the dugout.

If you would’ve asked me before Opening Day when Stanton would hear his first boos of the season, I would have told you it would be the night of April 10th when the Yankees first traveled to Fenway Park. I most certainly would not have guessed the Yankees Home Opener! I can’t imagine being such an asshole to boo your brand new shiny toy on APRIL THIRD when you have a 9-4 LEAD!!!

Now New York hardos will tell you if you strike out five times as a Yankee, you’re going to be booed no matter who you are. Listen, if it were June and the Yanks were losing and Stanton was hitting .210, I would get it. But Jesus Christ the first game at The Stadium? Let us not forget Stanton did that thing last Thursday, not even a week ago, where he homered in his first at bat as a Yankee. He also homered later in that game too, making him and Roger Maris the only two guys to ever do that in their first game as a Yankee. This is not the first time New York fans have booed of course. Some would say it’s their favorite thing in the world to do.

They booed Tino, they booed Teixeira, they boo everyone at some point because that’s who we are as Yankee fans. We’re assholes in some way, shape, or form. But to boo Giancarlo Stanton at your Home Opener in a game that was out of hand in the Yankees favor is just next level stupid to me.

However, nothing will compare to when they thunderously booed A-Rod when he returned from injury, the same day it was announced he would be suspended for steroids the following year pending an appeal.

Hopefully it never gets to that point with Giancarlo.

Props to Stanton though, he took it on the chin knowing he sucked.

In a way I think Stanton appreciated the boos. The fans in the Bronx care about what you’re doing on the field, unlike whatever fans actually make it out to Marlins games. It’s all part of the adjustment period. He’ll bounce back today.