Walmart Has Created A Real Buzz By Patenting Autonomous Robot Bees


Walmart has just filed a patent for autonomous, robot bees. Yes, that Walmart — and no, you didn’t slip into another, stranger dimension. The mega-corporation’s patent specifically covers “pollination drones.” These tiny robots could act just like bees, pollinating crops autonomously.

The robot bees would operate using sensors and cameras to help them navigate to crops. Flying around autonomously, these drones could potentially pollinate as effectively as the real thing.

My friends, sorry about that headline; I was just bee joke goofin but this is serious buzzness.

Ron Beesly. Nice. Ok. I’m done. I dont like the idea of all these damn robot bees hugging and pollinating all over the various flower fields and farmer for the Walton Gang. I prefer my bees to be insects. Call me old fashioned but it’s true. You wanna make me a delicious snack, honey, you better live in a hive and not a USB charging dock.