Huge Shout Out To The Piston's Reggie Bullock For Getting A Large 'LGBTQ' Tattooed On His Calf

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Source –  Detroit Piston Reggie Bullock has made LGBTQ equality a focal point of his life. Ever since his sister, Mia Henderson, was murdered in Baltimore in 2014, Bullock has struggled to make sense of the violence and understand the transgender community. Henderson was a trans woman.

The tattoo on his calf has the letters “LGBTQ,” along with the name of his slain sister. Earlier this year Bullock wore these shoes during a game against the Atlanta Hawks. He wrote the name of his sister on the sole of the shoes.Bullock’s efforts will help build a culture in which people have more open minds and bigger hearts for other trans women.

Bullock has played in the NBA since being drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers in 2013.

Huge shout out to Reggie Bullock for making the best out of an absolutely terrible situation. Visibility is important for all people but it’s especially important for the trans community. So, while his tattoo may seem insignificant to some, I guarantee it means the world to others. I was debating on whether or not to write this story last night. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how foolish it would be if I didn’t. We have a massive reach at Barstool and anytime I can use it to raise awareness I should. That’s what makes Barstool unique. We’re encouraged to write about the things we actually care about. No other internet company allows their employees to do that. Here’s a photo of the tattoo:

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He’s also working with the Gladd and the Pistons organization to “build the conversation about inclusion in the NBA and beyond.” Pretty cool stuff. Keep up the good work, Reggie. What you’re doing matters. I’d wish the Piston’s the best of luck but not even luck can save their season.