This Dude Who Knits Sweaters Of Famous Landmarks, And Then Poses In Front Of Them Wearing The Sweater, Is Really Terrific

NY Times- For nearly 20 years Mr. Barsky, 43, has been knitting sweaters of familiar landscapes and, in recent years, posting photographs of himself posing in front of them, wearing his matching jumper.

So far, he has created 119 sweaters in all — including scenes of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Twin Towers, Stonehenge and Jerusalem’s Western Wall — which he has chronicled by year on his website.

His craft has afforded him a measure of fame among knitting enthusiasts and followers on Instagram and Facebook who are enamored with his creativity and unusual flair. Last summer he was featured in an ad for Facebook for Creators, an app the social network launched to help creative types build community online. He said he gets paid to travel to knitting stores and talk about technique.

Mr. Barsky said he knits about one sweater a month and only occasionally does he make something for his wife. “I made her a dress, but she’s not into wearing knitwear,” he said.

This story made my week. Sam Barsky seems like the simplest, happiest man in the galaxy. I can picture him driving from landmark to landmark in an old VW van with a bumper sticker that says “knittin’ sweaters gets ‘em wetter.” As for the sweaters, I would definitely buy one if he learned how to tighten up that bacon collar a bit. Holy moly. Dude went for the magnum collar when he shoulda used the Japanese-fit. Look at this:

I like to show a little collarbone as much as the next sweater enthusiast. And while I gasped when I saw this SSS (short-sleeved sweater), this look is… bad. It looks like a hand-me-down from a rapper’s grandmother. You can tell he doesn’t love it because he’s too ashamed to look at the camera. But let’s check out some of the favorites:

Ugly Christmas sweaters? Bah humbug! I’ll tell you, this one came as a total surprise. Based on his face, body, hairstyle, and eyewear, I would have pegged Sam as more of the Southern Baptist type. Light the candles, spin the dreidel, and grab your menorah sweater– it’s Channukah season!


Shiver me timbers, matey! ANOTHER SSS that makes Sam look like the knitting and fitness enthusiast he is. The skull and crossbones flag would have gone a long way in distinguishing that the ship was of the pirate variety, but maybe he wanted to leave it open for interpretation? Perhaps I’ll DM him to clarify.

Are you goooooooing… to Saaaaaan Fraaaaancisco? Be sure to weeeeeaaaar a fannypack for your valuables.

Maybe the most realistic depiction in the collection. I can’t even imagine how he was able to knit that American flag, but the beauty is in the details. Sam Barsky with the nimblest fingers outside of the nursing home.

This one legitimately made me lol. For those of you who want to show your support for our men and women in the military, but who also want to show off your own guns, this is the sweater for you. It’s practically camo! Has anyone seen Sam Barsky? I swear he was here a second ago.


I’m dying. Sam is out here staging photos like a 19-year-old daughter on her first spring break at the beach. That snow coverage is what we of the northern persuasion would call a dusting. Yet good old Sam broke out the fucking cross-country skis from the Great Depression with the matching bamboo poles. Don’t mind him, he’s gathering his energy for a 5k nordic ski trek that will see a lot of stepping, not sliding.

A sweater… of SWEATERS. It’s like the inception of knitwear! He’s a walking shrine to his own work. Maybe the cockiest thing I’ve ever seen and I absolutely love it. When you put out hits like Sam Barsky, you deserve to wear your own gallery. Amazing.