Pretty Soon We Are Going To Have Swarms Of Robot Bees Flying Around Mars

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Telegraph - A swarm of robotic bees, nimble enough to fly across the surface of Mars and explore the Red Planet’s nooks and crannies, is being funded by Nasa.

The cyber-insects, dubbed Marsbees, are the size of bumblebees but have giant wings to generate sufficient lift to hover in the Martian atmosphere, which is around 100 times thinner than Earth’s.

Although rovers are already exploring Mars, they move incredibly slowly. Since landing in 2012, Nasa’s Curiosity rover has travelled just 11.2 miles.

The Marsbees, would have a mobile base, such as a rover, where they could recharge after they had been deployed.

Dr Chang-kwon Kang, of the University of Alabama, said: “Marsbees are robotic flapping wing flyers of a bumblebee size with cicada sized wings.


I always knew this was going to happen. One day, we will have a human colony on Mars. That’s inevitable. It will be a momentous day for all mankind. It’ll be the biggest triumph in modern history, sitting alongside free Internet porn on the Mount Rushmore of great human achievements.

The thing is though, Mars is going to be fucking infested with robots when we get there. It’s going to take so much advanced technology to get the Mars Colony off and running, we’re going to have things like swarms of robotic bees running amok when we get there. And yes, I get it- NASA is making these robot bees to do research and explore and observe places the Mars Rover can’t. But come on- you’ve seen movies. You know how the machine takeover begins. Everyone knows robots become self-aware. Any animal that is genetically altered or manufactured starts to learn and adapt and adjust. They begin communicating in robot bee language. And then the humans come and they attack. And it’s not like there’s just one of these bad boys, NASA is making swarms. SWARMS, folks. They are going to learn, buzz their little robot wings around the planet learning the ins and outs, and then just wait. The first humans are going to have no idea what’s about to hit them. And lord knows what other robots and gizmos and gadgets are gonna be up there by the time we are. It’ll be like Jurassic Park on the Red Planet.