There Could Potentially Be A Michigan Vs Ohio State National Championship Game This Weekend

It’s pretty safe to say Ohio State vs Michigan is one of the best rivalries in all of college sports maybe even all of sports. Mainly because of the two football teams, but the rivalry also exists in other sports, especially hockey. Both teams play in the newly formed Big10 and are real good. Good enough that they will both be playing Thursday night in the Frozen Four semifinals. Ohio State against Minnesota-Duluth and Michigan against Notre Dame. If both the Buckeyes and Wolverines both win their games, we will have an Ohio State vs Michigan National Championship. What a treat.

These two teams hate each other. And I’ll always believe this is why the Big10 was formed in college hockey. To get the rivalries that exist in other sports and bring them into hockey. And it’s good for college hockey. You are insane if you think other-wise. Does it suck not getting to see North Dakota play Minnesota? Absolutely. But would UND vs Minnesota make national headlines outside of the hockey world? Probably not. Know what will? Michigan vs Ohio State. One of the biggest rivalries in all of college sports.

Unfortunately for Michigan, OSU has had their way with them this season, going 0-5 against the Buckeyes which included a Big10 tournament loss. Michigan will have their hands full against a really, really good Notre Dame team. Ohio State doesn’t have a walk in the park either. Minnesota-Duluth is no stranger to the Frozen Four, where they lost in the National Championship to Denver last season. There is no question they have the experience, but OSU has the skill, so it will definitely be a tough match for both squads.

Regardless, everyone wins if we get an Ohio State vs Michigan national championship. It will create headlines that NCAAH so desperately needs and it will be some great hockey. These are two of the best teams in the country who will be playing for a lot more than a national championship if they get the opportunity to face each other come Saturday night.