The Oakland A's Somehow Managed To Only Draw 7,416 People For Last Nights Game Against the Texas Rangers

The Oakland Coliseum’s capacity is 47,170 people. Are they the best team in baseball? Not by any means, but they compete that’s for sure. They have a power hitter in Khris Davis who has hit in the top five in home runs the past few seasons. Their rotation isn’t that bad and it’s sunny California let’s not forget. Go see a baseball game! It’s fucking opening week in major league baseball and the A’s drew a little over 7,000 fans for last night’s game against the Texas Rangers. That’s just impossible. Through five games they’ve averaged around 18,000 in attendance which puts them only ahead of the Miami Marlins who are in the 15,000s. I mean 7,000 people is baffling. That average attendance number is only so high because of opening day most likely. I knew it was a bad sign when no one showed up for Shohei Ohtani’s major league debut as a pitcher on Sunday.

This actually doesn’t come close to the least attended game in modern baseball history (not including the Freddie Gray shooting game in Baltimore) when only 250 people showed up to an April game in 1979 played between the Mariners and the hosting Oakland A’s. The Athletics need to move their baseball team and they needed to do it 10 years ago. Talking to a cousin I have out in the Bay Area he said they would be better off in the San Jose area but the San Francisco Giants have the territory rights and would never allow it to happen. It’s 2018 though, the A’s need to get the hell out of Oakland and get new fans because you just can’t have 7,000 people showing up to an opening week baseball game.