Who Needs Rookie Luck In The Office Pool When You Have The Rone Curse (And Villanova) On Your Side?

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I’ve been given a lot of history lessons in my short three weeks on staff. Some are facts that I knew before I joined the pirate ship. Others are new information graciously shared with me as the rookie in HQ.

A few examples:

– Dave created the internet

– Dave coined the word “hardo”

– Dave never knows what day it is

– Dave hates betting the under

– Dave can’t beat the Rone curse

The last example is the most important because it has directly impacted me.

A little background: On my first day of work, we drafted our #BudLightBusters team with the hope to go to Vegas for DP41. You had to draft a 9-16 seed in the order of names being pulled from a hat. I drafted somewhere in the middle and decided to go with OU. I knew they weren’t having a great stretch to end the regular season, but my first few choices were off the board. Plus, it seemed like a team from a Power 5 conference had a good shot to beat a team from the Atlantic 10.

Spoiler alert: It was a horrible choice. I was bounced from the #BudLightBusters trip after the very first game of the entire thing. 2018 NCAA Tournament – 1 Kayce -0

I also paid a cool $50 to be in the office pool. I never win bracket challenges when there is money on the line. I’m usually somewhere in the middle of the pack. I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with being mediocre to sub-par at picking bracket busters.

But still, I always go in with hope that this will be MY year. I WILL outsmart the babies, animals and people who pick teams based solely on colors and end up with better brackets than a lot of experts and basketball fans who take it seriously.

It has never worked out… until…

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After the crazy first weekend, I completely forgot about the office pool. In all honesty, I knew mine was probably a complete dumpster fire with all the upsets that happened. Plus, I was more focused on my new found gambling addiction and trying to convince Carrabis to stay in New York.

But yesterday, I decided to take a look at the standings to see just how bad my bracket ended up being. To my surprise, it appeared that it was coming down to me and Dave for all the marbles. I double checked with Office Manager Brett to make sure I wasn’t still drunk from the weekend and was reading it correctly.

Spoiler Alert: I can read. If Villanova won, I won. If Michigan won, Dave won.

This was my moment. My vindication for the social media evisceration Dave gave me when A&M looked like complete shit against Michigan in the Sweet Sixteen.

You all know how the story ends. Villanova destroyed Michigan. Sure, Nova was by far the best team in the country all year. Sure, the Cats were the safe choice to win it all. Sure, Donte DiVincenzo had the game of his life and it now a national treasure. Etc, etc.

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But most importantly? The Rone Curse struck again and I was lucky enough to be on the winning side of it. Even Dave’s new lucky charm Tommy Smokes couldn’t beat it. History keeps repeating itself.  As a Dallas native, it’s hard to admit that someone from Philly is right. But I am a witness.

I’m currently the biggest Villanova AND Rone Curse fan in the world. I’m taking home all of the winnings and will be buying Jared something pretty for his birthday. Thanks, Rone!

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