Real Life Headline In 2018 - "Teens Snort Condoms Then Pull Them Through Mouths In Disturbing New Trend"

Fox NewsTide Pods are so January. Now teens are taking on an even grosser challenge in pursuit of Internet fame — and this one is making stomachs turn, as it is as disgusting as it is dangerous.

The latest challenge involves snorting a condom up one nostril, inhaling, and finally pulling it from the throat out the mouth.

Like other viral fads, this one has been around for years but is just now catching fire on social media, mostly via YouTube.

Health authorities warn that the new “game” poses a real risk and can kill.

‘The condom could easily get stuck in your nose or your throat, blocking your breathing or causing you to choke’

I fucking love kids these days.  These stupid god damn bastards.  Seriously “kids these days” used to be the most eye-rolling phrase of all time – some oldtimer who didn’t get computers or cell phones or baggy pants yelling at clouds about how back in their day they walked to snow 15 miles uphill both ways in nonstop raging blizzards and correctly form fitting slacks. Now it legitimately applies. Kids These Days are fucking eating detergent pods and snorting fucking condoms. It’s incredible. 2018. What a time to be alive.  Darwin is rock hard in his grave right now.  160 years later and natural selection still as strong as ever.

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