FYI DEGENERATES: Villanova Is Looking To Join Only 5 Other Championship Teams (Including '16 Nova) To Go 6-0 ATS In The Tournament

The Action Network – Meanwhile, Villanova will look to join an exclusive club of national champions that finished the tournament 6-0 ATS. Only five teams have accomplished that feat over the past 20 years:

2006 Florida
2009 North Carolina
2014 Connecticut
2015 Duke
2016 Villanova

Yes, Villanova could win its second national championship in the past three years with a perfect 12-0 ATS record. A potential legendary run in the betting world. (I also can’t verify it with 100% certainty, but I believe the 1985 Villanova championship team also went 6-0 ATS).

Such an amazing stat that only asserts Villanova’s dominance in the NCAA Tournament. It’s simple, really. You bet Nova, you get free cash money honey. This team has won by over double digits every single game during March Madness and even the final two games of the Big East Tournament (where they came out as champs). The last time they didn’t cover was 2/28 in a one-point victory over Seton Hall. This squad FUCKS and not only thrusts to the point of completion, but keeps on going till someone’s heart stops. Maybe longer. It’s even more amazing Rollie’s ’85 squad (probably) cooked it’s way to being undefeated ATS as the 8 seed. A potential 18-0 ATS all-time for 3 National Championships is the definition of domination.

As for tonight, the Wildcats are a solid -7. A hefty spread indeed, but only a certified IDIOT would bet against Villanova at this time. This team can’t miss and can’t lose. Anybody stupid enough to actually throw money down for another team deserves to not only lose their money but possibly their life due to such incompetence of the brain.

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