A-Rod Made His Sunday Night Baseball Debut Last Night And Got Dominated By a Bottle of Water

We’re only one episode into 2018’s Sunday Night Baseball season and we’ve already had an electric moment. Alex Rodriguez trying to do normal human activities. Throughout his career Alex has really only been seen on the baseball diamond, at his desk signing baseballs, or silently nodding during his Instagram stories as important business people talk to him. That’s really it, so Sunday Night Baseball will give us a glimpse into how he handles drinking, eating, and talking like a normal person. We weren’t even halfway through the Dodgers-Giants game and Alex got dominated by this bottle of water. Just had no idea how to tackle it. I think he tried to squeeze the middle in hopes the cap would just pop off and everything would be fine. He looked like he was opening up a bottle of Dom Perignon.

End result? Water all over the place. Alex has water in his eye, it’s all over his notes, it’s on Jessica Mendoza’s lap. Just a debacle of all proportions.  Chaos in the booth because it appears Alex has never opened his own bottle of water in his entire life. He’s probably used to drinking strictly Smart Water, in which case it’s tough to spill on you like he did here. When you’re dealing with a normal bottle of Poland Spring, and you’re as large as Alex, with hands made of steel I can see something like this happening to a rookie. To be honest, I go through a ton of water during the course of the day and not every opening is clean. You’re going to have some leakage here and there, no one is perfect. But Alex tried to be the hulk to this bottle of Poland Spring and it was just a mess. The reaction is priceless, getting A-Rod’s “O” face like he’s in bed with J-Lo. Mendoza acting like hot lava just spilled out of a volcano onto her lap. Relax Jessica, it’s water. We’re going to be okay.

Regardless of their commentary last night which seemed to focus on Cody Bellinger’s launch angle for almost half an hour, this moment alone made A-Rod’s addition to the booth all worth it. I can’t wait till he tries to eat during a live game. That will bring out some fireworks.

A-Rod forever and ever.