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It Should Not Be This Difficult To Tell The Difference Between Migos ‘Walk It Talk It’ And Some Guy Rapping Dr. Seuss's 'Wocket In My Pocket' Yet Here We Are

Dr. Seuss:




Aside from the sound quality and a few additional grunts, those are two songs are exactly the same. The cadence, the inflection, tempo- they’re identical. The only things that are different are the words, and even then I’m pretty sure they could rap it on stage without any of their fans knowing. Granted, I’m not a Migos fan, so any chance I have to belittle their body of work I’m going to take. But it is laughable how simple their musical formula is. All you have to do is cut your words short and have your buddy repeat them and you’ve got a Migos song. Snoop Dogg describes it perfectly:

It’s addicting but it sucks. That’s not to say they don’t have bangers. Stir Fry was a great song, as was Bad and Boujee. It’s just not the kind of music you listen to for the lyrics. You listen to it for how it makes you feel while you’re on Sizzurp. Although, I’m more of an early-2000’s Harlem rap connoisseur so I could be wrong. If they really wanted to get this guy back they should make him their next album cover like Prince did to Chappelle. The ultimate troll-job. That or put out an entire album of consisting solely Dr. Seuss songs. It’d be a major step up in terms of lyrical intelligence. Unfortunately, until that happens we’re going to be stuck with their mumble rap. And as annoying as it is, it’s wayyy better than a lot of the stuff coming out today. I’m looking at you 6IX9NINE. Oh well. I’m going to send this over to Rone to see if we can get our own Remix going. Stay tuned.