I Said It Before And I'll Say It Again, We're Currently Living In The Greatest Era Of Lacrosse Highlights

You see that kid right there? He’s in high school. Yup. Joey Epstein is a senior at Landon School in the DC area.  Dodges from X, sets himself up perfectly to come around to his left hand, draws a slide, runs away from the double team and goes with a one-handed wraparound straight to the back of the net. He has 4 years coming up at Hopkins and he still has to graduate high school first. This is just what you can expect out of this current generation of lacrosse players.

A lot of it has to due with stick technology. What the equipment allows players to do these days as compared to just 10 years ago is absurd. A lot of it has to due with the game just getting back to its roots and becoming more creative now. For the longest time you had these coaches come in and preach fundamentals. Everything had to be an overhand shot low and away to the pipes. Every team running the same offense. Every player playing the same way (minus a few superstars here and there). It was getting to the point where if you watched one lacrosse game, you watched them all. But that’s not the case any more because the creativity in the game is back and nobody is really running any plays anymore. You just get set up in your offense and let the boys ball out and come up with some shit on the fly.

Now I’m not a scientist. I’m certainly no mathematician. But I think I’ve stumbled upon a theory here that Stick Technology + Creativity = Super Saucy Highlights. ST + C = SSH. And we had all the proof we needed to back up my theory this past weekend.


You think about all of the greats of the game who have come before. All of the different eras the game has gone through. You had the Gaits. You had the Powells. You had Rabil. All of them were human highlight reels. All of them were ahead of their time. But I think that pound-for-pound, the game is more exciting and entertaining now than it was when those legends were playing. It’s nothing against those guys at all. It’s just that there was a time when there were only a few select guys in the nation who could end up on SportsCenter the next morning. Now it seems like it’s every single game. And combine that with the fact that there are usually multiple camera angles to work with from every game?

Live look at the current state of lacrosse.