Not A Big Deal Or Anything But Travis Konecny Completely Outplayed Brad Marchand In All Aspects Of Yesterday's Game

Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well this photo is worth at least one-thousand-nine-hundred-seventy-five words and all of those words prove how correct I was in my analysis from this blog last month titled, “Brad Marchand Is The Floor For Travis Konecny’s Potential, Not The Ceiling”.

At the time of writing said masterpiece, I was scoffed at. I was mocked. Heck, I was downright ridiculed. All by people who just could not understand the basic premise of my argument. But then yesterday’s game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins happened. And like it was a gift from the resurrected Jesus himself, it was 60+ minutes full of my points getting proven time and time again. Let’s just take a quick look at the tape, shall we?

One issue that many people had with my blog was that I was essentially calling a top 20 point scorer in the league a “floor”. They said Travis Konecny would only be so lucky to be as gifted offensively during his career as Brad Marchand is. Well guess what, dinguses? He already is. Case in point, this goal right here.

Splits Pastrnak and McQuaid like he was a knife cutting through water. And then Patrice Bergeron was next up on his hit list. Supposedly the best defensive forward in the game. And TK takes him to school real quick, treats him like a traffic cone and the puck ends up in the back of the net. Keep in mind that Travis Konecny also just turned 21-years-old. Brad Marchand was still in the AHL at this point. So you see the offensive talent that Travis Konecny already possesses at the NHL level. Do you really think those skills aren’t going to continue to develop by the time he’s Marchand’s age? Get out of here.

So that’s point number 1. Travis Konecny’s offensive game is already on a trajectory to surpass Marchand’s and he’s still developing.

Point number 2 is really the main point from my original blog. What separates Travis Konecny from Brad Marchand is that TK is able to turn on his brain while he plays. Sure, they may both be undersized pests who serve the role of agitator and top-line winger for their team. But Travis Konecny isn’t a piece of shit at heart. Travis Konecny is fully aware of where the line is at and knows not to cross it. He isn’t inherently a dirty son of a bitch who will constantly put his team in jeopardy by taking ridiculously stupid penalties. But Brad Marchand? Well….

Keep in mind this was while Boston was on the powerplay. So not only does he crosscheck Andrew MacDonald in the face while he’s already down on the ice, but he also takes a powerplay away from his own team. Why? Because he’s an asshole who can’t control himself and has zero regard for player safety. Travis Konecny is a pest for sure but he’s not out there intentionally trying to injure guys. He’s not out there putting himself before the team and taking stupid penalties just because he thinks he got hit a little too rough. Brad Marchand is a shitty teammate. The kind of guy who that entire locker room would despise if it weren’t for the fact that he also puts up some good numbers. I don’t care if you want to believe it or not, but that goes a long way. I can assure you that Travis Konecny is a bigger fan favorite in the Flyers locker room than Marchand is in the Bruins locker room.


This was my closing paragraph in the original blog:

So in closing, Travis Konecny and Brad Marchand are essentially the same type of player. But Konecny is just a little bit better offensively and he’s way less of a liability when it comes to potentially losing one of your best forwards for 5 games because he’s addicted to taking headshots. I’m totally fine with the player comparison just as long as it’s not “Travis Konecny could be as good as Brad Marchand one day”. That’s not true. He will be as good as Brad Marchand one day and will probably end up being better.

Every single word in that paragraph was true during yesterday’s game. Every. Single. Word. But sure, you Boston fans who do nothing but smell your own farts know better than I do about Travis Konecny.

P.S. – This overtime dagger from Claude Giroux was so cocky and I loved every millisecond of it.

In case you missed it, William Karlsson went between the legs on Martin Jones the night before. I’m sure that Giroux saw it and I’m sure that he knows that Khudobin would have seen in as well. So he comes in with all that time and room, and he makes it look like he’s going between his. Khudobin has to respect the bluff since it was probably the last highlight he saw before the game yesterday and he bites extra hard. Captain Claude pulls it back to his forehand and then it’s Bar Mexico from there. Fucking filthy. I wish I was at the Wells Fargo Center so badly yesterday so I could have tossed my panties on the ice after that beauty.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 8.14.56 AM

3 games left. Just have to get 3 points out of the Islanders, Hurricanes and Rangers. And the Panthers play the Bruins twice in their final 5 games. I know that I’ve been talking quite a bit of shit on Boston in this blog but Let’s Go B’s.