Brian Dozier And The Twins Are Insanely Soft, Get Mad At Chance Sisco For Bunting

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Is this shit serious? The Twins just came off of back-to-back games where their pitchers dominated the Orioles. They took a combined no-hitter into the 8th last night before Jonathan Schoop broke that up, and today, Jose Berrios had a three hit shutout for Minnesota. The Orioles second hit, a bunt by Chance Sisco in the ninth apparently ruffled some feathers in the 7-0 Twins win.

Are Brian Dozier and the Twins serious about this shit? They are upset that Sisco BUNTED ON A SHIFT??? They want the leaders in the clubhouse to address it? Give me a god damn break. If you don’t want a guy to bunt, don’t shift him. It’s the ninth, Sisco is attempting to kickstart an offense that showed 0 sign of life over the weekend, and they’re upset ABOUT A BUNT??? What an unreal thing to get mad about. “HEY, HOW DARE YOU TRY AND START A COMEBACK FOR YOUR TEAM!! SHOW SOME RESPECT!”

I get it if it’s a no-hitter and you bunt, it’s whatever. But we’re doing this unwritten rules shit for 1 hitters now? Give me a break. The Twins are a very good team, hell of a year last year, and look to be a good team this year, but this stuff is WILD. I thought Dozier and Joe Mauer had better heads on their shoulders, but if they’re getting pissed about stuff like this, then I’ve got to rethink that.

I can’t wait to hear Buck or Adam Jones’ reaction to this, but this is just hilarious. You came in here kicked the Birds’ ass, and then found the most insane thing to bitch and moan about. Get outta here with that.