Chris Sale Smashes BP Homer With A Bat-Flip That Would Make Jose Bautista Blush

Hey Shohei Ohtani, suck Chris Sale’s dick. You might be the Babe Ruth of Japan, but Sale is the Babe Ruth of Lakeland, Florida. Checkmate. Fresh off his Opening Day start in Tampa where he struck out nine batters in six innings of work, Sale launched a bomb in BP and flipped the shit out of his bat as a warning sign to the Miami Marlins, the team who he will claim as his next victim both on the mound and at the plate. That collection of scrubs has the unfortunate task of trying to record outs in a baseball game while Sale is in the batter’s box. Ask Pat Neshek how pleasurable of an experience that is. Keep in mind, when Neshek faced Sale, he had the lowest ERA for any reliever in the National League at that point (0.75) and the third lowest WHIP (0.79).

Pray for the Marlins.