Villanova Marches Into Another National Championship Via Pure Domination And Slingage

This game still has about 6 minutes left and it doesn’t even matter. If I mushed Villanova who is up slaying by 19 at this point by all means tar and feather me down Lancaster Avenue before burning me at the stake inside St. Thomas Chapel.

Did the highest scoring offensive in the country do it again or did the highest scoring offense in the country do it again? Don’t think there’s ever been a complete take a team behind the woodshed spanking like this in a Final Four game before. Wait, yes there has….Villanova 2 yrs ago vs. Oklahoma. Unreal work by Jay Wright and his boys. Paschall just pretty much shooting the ball into the damn ocean. Everything Kansas shot was contested. EVERYTHING. Meanwhile, Villanova was shooting wide open threes after making a good 400 from behind the arc. Amazing.

This squad is just cutting through teams like butter and there’s no end in sight. Well, there actually is, and it’s Monday night vs Michigan. We’ll see if the Rone Curse has enough nuts to match its guts. Here’s to bringing another one home to Philly(ish) over the corpse of David Portnoy. And as the biggest homegrown Villanova fan the Main Line has ever seen, I couldn’t be happier. Shots on me at Brownies in Ardmore tomm for Kristin And The Noise. V’s up! Go Kerry Kittles! Bangs ahoy!

PS – The only rough part was realizing Joel Embiid was watching his Jayhawks suffer with half a face. Godspeed, JoJo. Somebody get him a Shirley Temple or 8. EXTRA GRENADINE.