Rough N Rowdy 3 Matchup Spotlight - Jheranie "Freak Time Show Time" Boyd vs Gregory "Ruler G" Harrison

Good to know that Tarheel nation will be well represented when we invade Charlotte next Friday night. I dunno where the Blue Devils are at but this kid Ruler G looks plenty ready to go instead. Keep in mind these guys have never met just like most Rough N Rowdy fighters and they’re still ready to pulverize each others faces into bolivan. Alpha males. Jackhammers. I wouldn’t want to go toe to toe against a former NFL player either but maybe Ruler G is right? Football is not boxing. Boxing is a different sport than football. We’ll all find out just how different along with Jboy on April 13th.

RnR 3 is coming one week from today… 40+ fights and Bill Burr on commentary…

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