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Keith Kinkaid & Taylor Acorn Is The Love Story The NHL Needs

Keith Kinkaid and Taylor Acorn is the love story the NHL needs. A story of life and death and love and prosperity. And it all started with a tweet. A simple tweet.

Now, most of us normal folk tweet stuff like this all the time at celebrities. That’s the best part of twitter. It gives you the opportunity to communicate with people who wouldn’t talk to you in a million years. So what does Taylor do? She uses this to her advantage and she shoots her shot with Devils tendy Keith Kinkaid.

And look, I tweet at celebrities all the time. I DM Justin Bieber on Instagram on a daily basis and ask him to come on Spittin’ Chiclets. Not because I really enjoy his music, but because he’s a hockey guy. But that’s beside the point. You DM them and tweet these celebs thinking there is not a chance in france that you are getting an answer, that is, unless you are tweeting at the NHL’s sweetheart Keith Kinkaid.

Kinkaid not only answers Acorn’s tweet, but responds by asking Ms. Acorn out on a date to Chipotle the following Wednesday.

So some of you may of thought, this is a PR stunt. Kinkaid is just trying to look like the loveable goalie and there is no way they actually go out on a Chipotle date. Wrong. Think Chipotle would pass on a love story like this? Good joke.

So now everything is in place. Chipotle is on board. Kinkaid is on board. But could Acorn’s dream date actually happen? Chipotle with one of the nicest/best goalies in the national hockey league? Sounds like a dream come true to me. So as the whole world waited and waited to see if this would come to be, the attention kind of died down. The Devils are in a close playoff race, there is no way in hell Kinkaid has time for a date. Wrong again.

Boom. From the clouds we get this tweet from Taylor. That god damn romantic savant Kinkaid pulled it off. The two got their romantic chipotle date at last, just as Kinkaid said. What a friggan’ sweetheart this guy is.

Kinkaid even goes as far to post a picture of the two, at the chipotle on the date, and tags her! What a nice guy, helping Taylor get her followers up (and gets her flowers). And what an overall amazing love story. This is just what the NHL needs too. A romantic love story as we wrap up a wonderful season of hockey. God I love this game.