All Signs Are Pointing to Johnny Manziel Being the Heir Apparent to Tom Brady


BostonheraldThe Patriots were in attendance at Texas A&M’s pro day today at the team’s indoor practice facility. They were there with 31 other teams to watch 14 Aggies players auditioning for next month’s draft. But there was also someone else there of note: Johnny Manziel. According to a source, the Patriots spoke with Manziel both before the workout, as well as after the session.

I know what people are thinking. “Hey Pres you’re jumping the gun a little bit here aren’t you? I mean Johnny isn’t even back in the league yet and you already have him being Brady’s replacement? Keep dreaming buddy….” But think about it for a second. Think about my run of luck. Think about my life with the Patriots. Think about my life with Johnny Football. Think about my life in general. Think about the deal I obviously made with the devil at some point. Could this end any other way than with my friend Johnny Manziel somehow leading the team I’m most closely associated with to the Superbowl? I can picture my other good friend Bob Kraft saying it now….It’s Manziel, Belichick Portnoy. Of course this is going to happen. It couldn’t happen any other way. Johnny Manziel is coming to New England. Of course he is.