Rough N Rowdy 3 Matchup Spotlight - Charles "The Cobra" Sherrill vs James "The Snake Handler" Allen

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A hipster line cook from Hooters against a chin strapped hick from North Carolina. Tale as old as time really. The bizarro world matchups of Rough N Rowdy have never disapointed and this batch of fighters is no different. Spotlights for every matchup will be coming everyday until the PPV on April 13th and it will only get crazier from here. First day in and we already got threats to fuck sisters and fully grown men wearing size 6 pants. To quote my good friend Don King, “Only in America!”

Rough N Rowdy 3 is coming April 13th in Charlotte, NC

40+ boxing matches. Ring Girl competition. Bill Burr doing commentary. BUY BUY BUY