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PETA Dude Seeking Approval To Put Up A 10-Foot Memorial In Iowa Where A Truck Crashed And Killed Some Turkeys



SIOUX CITY, Ia. – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has asked Iowa transportation officials for permission to build a temporary memorial tombstone that they say will honor hundreds of turkeys killed in a recent truck crash. Ankeny resident and PETA member Alex Moore says in a letter dated Tuesday that he wants to erect the 10-foot structure in remembrance of more than 500 turkeys killed in a crash April 12 in Sioux City. The truck transporting the animals overturned. Moore says in the letter that the tombstone, which would be up for a month, would promote a meat-free diet as well as safe driving. The tombstone would be provided by PETA. The letter is addressed to Highway Division Director John Adam. He could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

Wait what?  What are we even talking about here?  PETA is an easy target for people to beat up on because they’re stupid and don’t eat meat but it’s this kind of thing that makes them a really easy target.  A 10 foot memorial for a bunch of turkeys that died is beyond stupid.  This PETA guy does realize that those turkeys were on their way to be killed and eaten, right?  It might be different (it wouldn’t, unless it was a dog) if this were an animal that wasn’t eaten every single day.  But turkeys?  There’s a holiday meal based solely around these things.  Let’s not go treating these turkeys like they’re humans or something.  As humans we’ve earned the right to have memorials.  It’s one of the perks we get with being at the head of the table and top of the food chain.  If a horrible thing happens to a person or group of people then they get a memorial.  That’s how it goes.  That’s how we honor people.  I don’t make the rules, I just know what they are.  When turkeys take over the world, split the atom, build bridges, invent DirecTV and write Seinfeld then they can go right ahead and put up memorials for each other.  Until then, no 10-foot tall memorials for a bunch of dead lunch meat.

PS- This the 100% real mock up of what the memorial would look like.


Brutal.  That thing sucks.  If you’re going to try and get approval to put up a memorial at least make it look cool.  Try vegan.  Just stop, PETA.  You’re embarrassing yourselves.