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Man Dies After Getting Head Stuck In Movie Theater Seat

VarietyA man died after lodging his head in the footrest of his electronic seat at a movie theater in Birmingham, U.K.

The accident occurred March 9 at a Vue cinema complex at the Star City entertainment complex. Vue International announced the man’s death a week later, on March 16.

According to the Birmingham Mail, the man had dropped his phone and was trying to retrieve it in between the theater’s Gold Class seats at the end of the film. The three Gold Class rooms at the complex offer a fully licensed car, and are only available to attendees over 18.

After he bent down, the reclining, electric seat’s footrest clamped down on the man’s head. He was attending the film with his partner, who reportedly became frantic as the man started to panic upon realizing he was stuck. Staff and other patrons at the cinema struggled to free him, but eventually broke him out of the entrapment.

Wow, this one hits home. I’ve been to a movie theater. I’ve sat in a seat in a movie theater. I’ve lost my phone in a seat in a movie theater. I’ve knelt down and reached my hand down while doing that “turn your head the other away” move as you feel around for your phone. So this guy’s doing that and boom, the electronic seat clamps his head and starts closing in? Terrifying.

“So honey what’d you think of the film?”


Terrible way to go. I hope he enjoyed the film.