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Macklemore In Controversy Because He Did A Surprise Concert Dressed As A Big Jew





The artists behind a few of this year’s biggest party anthems including Thrift Shop, Same Love and Can’t Hold Us have been the subject of Jewish controversy after the duo’s rapper Macklemore appeared to be dressed up as a stereotypical Jew during a Friday performance, which was captured in a six-second YouTube clip. After the surprise concert at the launch of a new exhibit focusing on music video culture at Seattle’s EMP Museum, social media exploded with accusations of anti-Semitism for the Grammy Award winner, including from some celebrities including Seth Rogen.


You know what the only offensive part of this story is, Macklemore’s little excuse that he didn’t realize he dressed like a Big Jew. Absolute bullshit.




Bro, you dressed as a Jew, everyone in the world with a brain can see it. And you know what? It’s a fucking funny costume. Like if you had come out and said hey look I’m a big Jew guy, I’m here to steal your money and your soul, I would have laughed. It’s a funny joke. I know Macklemore, he’s a crunchy Pacific Northwest rapper/hipster. If he wants to make a couple Jew jokes I’m totally cool with that. The guy made a song about how much he wanted to be gay because he loves Gay people, I’m pretty sure he’s an accepting person. But don’t start telling me you just put on a random costume and whoops! It turned out to be a Big Jew. That’s just insulting our intelligence Macklemore. Oh this black paint I put on my face and big lips and watermelon I’m holding? Oh yeah, that’s just a totally random costume I put together. See how silly that sounds Macklemore? We may be dumb but we’re not stupid. You dressed as a Jew, you thought it would be funny then when you got a little backlash you pretended to be oblivous. That’s what I hate about it. Own it man, that’s all I ask.




How about Macklemore putting on a disguise for a surprise concert then singing all of his regular songs in his regular voice. Not sure you really understand how disguises work there Macklemore.