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Some Guy Handed The Cops A Homer Simpson Driver's License When He Got Pulled Over

Fox News- Homer Simpson has done a lot of stupid stuff over the years, but even he would think twice about this daring con involving his visage. An unidentified driver in England attempted to pass off Homer’s license as his own. According to the Thames Valley police, one of their officers stopped a driver in Milton Keynes for a traffic infraction. The officer followed standard procedure and asked the driver for a driver’s license. When she did, the driver handed her a fake license featuring Homer Simpson’s name and, in perhaps the boldest part of the whole con, an animated picture of the character making his famous “D’oh!” face. The image, which wouldn’t even fool Chief Clancy Wiggum, can be seen below. In a tweet sharing the odd encounter with followers, the department noted that the driver’s car was seized and he was reported for driving with no insurance and without a proper license. 

Shooters shoot. That’s all I can say. I see the vision. Think about it. The guy was driving without insurance and without a license. That’s illegal in these here United States of America. You’re not allowed to do that. And if you get caught you open yourself up to the required penalties. But hand the officer a Homer Simpson license, make them chuckle a bit and maybe they let him go. People love a good chuckle. Chuckles make the world go around. The worst that can happen is the officer doesn’t chuckle and he gets arrested for driving without insurance and without a license (the worst did, in fact, happen. He got super arrested). Best case scenario is the officer is a mega Simpsons fan and next thing you know the guy is free to go and drive without proper documentation. I’d also like to state that I respect the guy for just having a Homer Simpson license on him. That thing must get him so much pussy. So much pussy.

PS- What if it had been Homer Simpson who they pulled over though? Egg on the face of the cops then for puling over a comedy icon. Crazier things have happened*.

*nope, they haven’t