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The Philly Themed Shoes Kentucky's Quade Green Wore Last Night Are Heat

These shoes are absolute beauties. One of the sweetest things that hockey players do is customizing goalie masks. Basketball players wearing artistically inspired shoes would be fantastic and Neuman-Goretti’s own Quade Green is leading the charge.

A closer look at the shoes.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 12.46.55 PM


Among the iconography appearing on the shoes:

  • The Love Statue – Recently restored to it’s natural position in Love Park.
  • The Rocky Statue – A classic, devoid of any opposing teams scarves.
  • The Philly Skyline – A little confusing of which building is which, but we get the gesture.
  • Allen Iverson Stepping Over Tyronn Lue – Maybe the best part of the shoes. A nuanced enough memory, not as basic as the Rocky statue.
  • The Early 2000s Sixers Logo – The logo they wore when they last made the finals. Not the best 76ers logo of all time, but I see what they’re doing there.
  • Philly Family With The Phillies “P” – Nice touch with the P. Family first.
  • Geno’s Steaks – A little baity, but Steve’s probably wouldn’t be as recognizable.
  • 80th and Buist St. - Gotta be the cross street where he grew up right?
  • Wilson Projects - Same as above. Gotta shout out where you’re from.
  • The Ben Franklin Bridge - The far superior of the two Philly bridges. Walt Whitman can go suck a dick (and enjoy it mightily, because Walt Whitman was gay).
  • Falone’s Steaks and Hoagies - This one is the deepest cut on the record to me. I’ve never had a Falone’s, much less heard of it, but that makes it cooler to me. I also don’t know what the obscured “36” is at the top of left of the shoe on the right, but hey, as Nic Cage proved in National Tresure, you can’t solve every mystery.

Some strong shoes for a strong squad. Kentucky found their groove later in the season, and while this freshman class isn’t as ballyhooed as past classes, Green, along with Kevin Knox and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, have the ability to sneakily make some noise. Their freshman-only lineup put up 74 points in 24 minutes earlier this season, so the explosiveness is there.

The Philly connection with Green, not to mention the shoes, make them a team worth keeping an eye on.