Congrats To Kid Rock On Being The Latest WWE Hall Of Fame Inductee (LOL I'm Serious)


So the WWE has a “Celebrity Wing” of their Hall of Fame and they usually induct someone pretty obscure that’s done one or two things with them in the past, and this year’s honoree is Kid Rock. An absolutely perfect selection. A match made in heaven, and someone who’s actually been more involved with the company than most in the category. He’ll join the following in this incredibly honorable and prestigious class:

-Pete Rose
-William “The Refrigerator” Perry
-Bob Uecker
-Drew Carey
-Mike Tyson
-Donald Trump
-Mr. T
-Arnold Schwarzenegger
-Snoop Dogg

What a motley crew. I need them to invade the WrestleMania main event and become the new nWo more than I need air to breathe. Hopefully this means Limp Bizkit is next, as they provided the superior theme song for the “American Badass” Undertaker in ‘Rollin’. This ain’t about them, though, this is about the Devil Without A Cause.

Relive some of Kid Rock’s greatest WWE moments now!

Vince fuckin’ loves him some Kid. While we’re at it, relive his performance at Woodstock ’99 because it features the cockiest entrance to a show in the history of music.