No One Has Ever Tried Harder At Something Than This Guy Stealing A Gum Ball Machine From An Animal Shelter

Incredible. What a rollercoaster. What a journey. Will he get it out of the store or won’t he? It didn’t look like he was gonna get it when he was trying to ram it through a tiny broken window. At that moment I put his chances at around 15%. Maybe lower. You can even see him re-group and think, “What the hell am I doing here? This can’t be the best way.” Then he found the back door and he was really cooking with gas. Listen, he shouldn’t have been stealing a gum ball machine from an animal shelter. That’s not a great thing to do. But at a certain point I started rooting for the guy. I don’t know why he needed that gum ball machine but he needed that gum ball machine more than the animal shelter needed the gum ball machine. I let out a Tiger Woods fist pump when he tossed it over the fence. Huge victory. What is he doing with that gum ball machine now? Why did he need it so badly? If nothing else, that’ll be an awesome story to tell his pals when they eventually ask why the hell he has a gum ball machine in his apartment.