The Mooch's 9-month Pregnant Wife Filed For Divorce Because He Didn't Even Tell Her He Was Taking White House Job

NY PostCommunicating apparently isn’t Anthony Scaramucci‘s strong suit.

The former White House communications director — who lasted a mere 10 days on the job — and wife Deidre Ball appear on Tuesday’s episode of “Dr. Phil,” and reveal that part of the reason she filed for divorce (prior to their reconciliation) was that he accepted the gig without telling her.

“No, we actually never really talked about it. So, obviously, he was campaigning with him. And then one thing led to another, kind of like spiraled out of control and the next thing we knew, Donald Trump was the president,” Ball said in a clip obtained by the Daily Mail…

“I was like, ‘OK, this is going to be good for my family,’ and it wasn’t,” Scaramucci said. “It was good for me, maybe. It maybe wasn’t even good for me, frankly, but it was a drive that I had. And if something is glittering at you and you’re going at it like a fly, you may get zapped by it not fully understanding what you’re going towards, and that frankly happened to me.”

Big time America first move from The Mooch, casually deciding to be the face and voice of the White House without even telling his wife. God I love that man. Once the opportunity presented itself, he determined it was the best thing for America (and for The Mooch) to take it, so he took it. And honestly how could Mrs. Mooch be upset about that? Did she really marry The Mooch thinking he’s the kind of guy who gets offered White House Communications Director then has to ask his wife for permission first? Yeah right, come on now. Mooch ain’t a whipped bitch. Mooch grabs that White House gig without telling anybody then immediately tells the world Steve Bannon likes to suck his own cock and that Trump throws spirals and buries 3-footers. He doesn’t ask permission for anything and you surely can’t be realizing that for the first time when you’re 9 months preggo with Mooch’s kid. No way. Mooch is a pure Long Island alpha and you LOVE him for it. Of course you do. Nothing wrong with that but let’s all be honest with each other here and admit that we all know exactly what The Mooch is, we’ve always known that, and we do not expect that ever to change.

Happy to see mine and Tyler’s good friend Mooch doing well, bringing his family back together.


Go Mooch go.