I'm About To Quit My Job To Become a Professional Sex Robot Tester For $48,000 a Year

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A COMPANY is advertising a job for a new sex doll tester – and the successful candidate will earn £35k a year for romping with robots. Adult toy firm Silicone Sex World says it’s looking for someone who’s willing to try out its latest products and join the team at their base in Hatton Garden, London. The newly formed role offers flexible working hours, as well as 22 days holiday per year plus bank holidays, a free gym membership and company mobile phone.

Perks also include family and friends discount for the wide range of male sex doll products on offer by the firm, which claims to be the UK’s number one trusted supplier. Responsibilities include personally testing new ranges and providing detailed feedback to manufacturers. The new tester will also be expected to attend industry events around the world to keep ahead of competition and be on top of quality control with products leaving and arriving at the warehouse.

Hubbs posted the question earlier. Clearly the answer is yes if you have both a brain and a penis.

The perks of having a rubber lover are immeasurable. Never do they request to watch shows that you dont like. Never do they request to go to a resturaunt that you dont enjoy. Never do they slam the door because you left your boxers on the tile in front of the bathtub again. Never do they say they arent mad about the boxers on the floor but that they are a little more upset about the fact that you continue to leave streak marks in your boxers. Never do they judge you about having an irritable bowel.

You just get to leave work early and drive home. You’ve been listening to Barstool Radio and once again the topic has gone to sex. You laugh because the content is hilarious but deep down inside, the descriptions are a little too accurate. You’ve never really thought about it but, after preforming cunniligus, you do have the taste of pennies in your mouth. Is it because the vagina has higher content? Blood is iron rich but vaginas arent on their periods all the time. Monthly. Moons. Cycles. Incredible.

Anyway, you’re worked into a sexual lather and cant wait to meet your rubber lover when you pull into the driveway.

The worst part of having a rubber lover is that sometimes you would fuck that sex doll and forget. You would nut in it because you’ve had a vasectomy so there’s really no risk. You like to start the day with a little coffee and cum. The two Cs if I may. You didnt rinse out your rubber lover this morning so when you try to preform the penny kiss on her this afternoon, you notice that it smells like bologna that had been simmering in a crockpot all day. A once delicious meal turns into a nightmare once again. You’re no longer in the mood so you decide to take a little bath. You undress and hop in the tub. You can see your rubber lover from the tub. She’s on the bed in the master bedroom and gives you this look.

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“I’ll pick up the boxers in a minute. I’ve had a stomach ache all day so I need to relax,” you shout to her. “It’s amazing how life like these things are now,” you say to yourself before dipping your head below the surface of the soapy water.