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Dude Gets Into A Bar Fight While Holding His 4-Year-Old Daughter And Receives The Beating Of A Lifetime

Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. What the fuuuuuuuuuuuck man. I don’t know what that guy did or what that guy said but that’s maybe the most brutal beating I’ve ever seen. It starts out like, “OMG I can’t believe that guy is mixing it up while holding his little daughter! That’s crazy!” and then it ends up at, “Well this is hard to watch and I have a put in my stomach and LEAVE HIM ALONE JESUS CHRIST!” I have nothing but sympathy for that guy. The last kick to the face was completely uneccesary. They had been beating on him for a solid couple of minutes. It wasn’t even a fight at that point. The dude was on his hands and knees eating countless knees and fists to the face. I haven’t seen a beating like that since Nicky Santoro in Casino. That was a straight up mafia beating at the end. I went into the video hoping for a laugh and I left feeling nothing but empty sadness.