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Is Patrick Kane The Best Big Game Athlete In Sports Today?



Now I know there is a whole group of analysts out there that don’t think “clutch” exists. That it’s all statistics and everything evens out over time. Fine, but I’m here saying there is such a thing as a guy being able to elevate his game in a big moment, to be able to stay calm and cool, while others shrink. So the question stands, is Patrick Kane the most clutch athlete in sports in 2014?


In the past 6 seasons the Blackhawks have been in eight different Game 6 close out games (6 of which have been on the road). They have won every single time. So every single time they’ve had a Game 7 in their pocket they have come out and finished the series. And in those 8 games Patrick Kane has had 3 OT goals and 2 hat tricks, with one of those OT winners coming in the Stanley Cup Finals. Add in a goal with 13 seconds left in 2010 round 1 against Nashville, an OT goal against the Blues last series (which means Patrick Kane Has 4 total OT Playoff goals, tied for 4th all time with a bunch of guys) and I don’t know how you can make the case against. Oh and he’s still only 25 years old.


Think about that resume for second if it were in any other sport (obviously hockey is slightly different because its lights out with a goal in OT). If someone put a series to bed 3 separate times. Hit a game winning shot or walk off home run 3 separate times in the playoffs. Absolute assassin.  When your team needs it the most, Patrick Kane is there to take it away. One of those moments that we should all sit back and be happy we’re watching a guy like this in Playoff situations like last night. Showtime.





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