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Girlfriend Gives Boyfriend Video Game Controller With Their Faces And "I Love You" On It... OH NO.

Don’t get me wrong… For the couple, no doubt it’s an amazing piece to have around the house. What a show of love! Of commitment! Of sacrifice… Of all things you hold most dear, POOF. Gone. That’s what true love is. But unfortunately/fortunately for us that’s only between the both of them. How does the rest of the world view this “gift”?

When I see this picture I think of two things. Well three things actually. First is the look of desperate satisfaction in his eyes. It’s an acceptance, similar to those who’ve experienced Stockholm Syndrome out there in the wild. Not unlike this stranded soul of a similar circumstance, one the Barstoolsports IG account described as “Lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes.”

It’s really like a picture version of this clip too, with a layered sadness that has an unimaginable depth . Like EVERY time he plays video games, every time he tries to escape, anytime he looks down to re-adjust his sticks, there’s a constant reminder that a real world actually exists around him. That’s literally the worst possible reality to have while you’re trying to playing video games folks. It’s exactly why I love Fortnite so much, it brought back that escape for me. Meanwhile…

And look I am all for love and happiness. But don’t tell me that getting a controller like that is just a run of the mill type gift. So many Easter Eggs to notice on it. Too many really. No matter what though, you get a controller like that and you gotta have a longgg look in the mirror the next morning. Essentially this exact scene. Brutal honesty. Because the Man in the Mirror never lies…

Sure that controller will give you power of your wildest dreams, but it’ll only be over one person. Why do that when you can Victory Royale an entire island over and over. I’m talking Moisty Mire. I’m talking Shifty Shafts. I’m talking being alone forever and dominating chests at Lonely Lodge. Couldn’t ask for anything more IMO. So see you all on Twitch at the Tilted Towers on Friday. Doll’s eyes controllers ONLY.