Airport Hardo Takes Off His Shirt, Tries To Fight Airport Personnel On The Tarmac

NY Post- A man who had been behaving erratically on a Cincinnati-bound flight departing from Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina on Monday was caught on video taking off his shirt and preparing to fight several airport employees on the tarmac.

The passenger, who was not identified, then stood in front of airport employees without a shirt before throwing down his belongings and apparently threatening to attack them. He then picked up his backpack and shirt before walking away. Another video posted on Twitter showed the man striking one of the airport employees in the head with a traffic baton.\

Whenever a guy takes his shirt off to fight, you know he’s a certified brawler. It’s the most badass move you can make when preparing to throw down. There’s a reason all the UFC guys don’t fight in shirts: they don’t want fans wondering, “is that guy a fighter or just a chef at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co?” Doesn’t even matter what your body looks like underneath; once you pull that shirt off, opponents will scatter like squirrels.

But if you start taking your belt off after that? Confusing. That’s a totally different message. I could be wrong but it seemed like he was taking his belt off around the :27 mark. Which means he’s trying to get naked. And maybe he’s super efficient with kicks and wants the same mobility with his legs that he has with his arms. But we have to draw the line somewhere. There are children watching.

Then he storms off into the wilderness of the Charlotte Douglas Airport tarmac. Dude, it’s not a parking lot. NOBODY walks around on the tarmac. That area is so prohibited that even when I fly on one of those smaller planes, where you walk down the stairs onto the tarmac and take a shuttle bus to the terminal, I feel like I’m breaking the rules. I shouldn’t be standing on that pavement, outside, practically underneath the plane. That’s a place for employees who have an understanding of the layout of the airport. There are so many painted arrows and various luggage carts zipping around that it all feels like Tokyo, I bet (never been, still pissed about Pearl Harbor).

It appears this guy was eventually arrested. Too bad, too. I was hoping for the old Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark treatment.