Miami's Ja'Quan Newton At The Buzzer To Beat UNC

Yeah, so that was something that just happened. What an insane game. UNC jumped out to an early lead, before Miami really took control for about 30 minutes of the game. Joel Berry was insane in the second half getting 25 points after halftime, but ultimately it was Ja’Quan Newton hitting that absurd shot at the buzzer for the win.

This is what Miami did all game. Granted, they weren’t all 40-footers, but more about how they were able to answer every UNC run. Miami was up 16 at one point in this game. UNC would cut it to 8, Miami would push it to 12. UNC would then cut it to 5, Miami pushed it back to 9. It was the most impressive part of the game, outside of these two shots by Berry and Newton, the fact that Miami was able to go to Chapel Hill and answer that way.

Long term, this keeps Miami on the comfortably in side of the bubble, where they are now playing strictly for seeding. This loss doesn’t kill UNC by any measures, but it doesn’t help. A win would have locked UNC into a top-4 finish in the ACC which means a double bye in the ACC Tournament. It also now makes it quite difficult for UNC to jump to a possible 1 seed.

All that was missing here was Jim Larranaga dropping a ‘bang’ as the shot was in the air. College basketball, man. It’s actually fun when not mentioning the FBI.