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I Respect The Hell Out Of Mike Pouncey For Keeping The Miami Dolphins Hazing Traditions Alive



DAVIE, Fla. — Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl center Mike Pouncey deactivated his Twitter account Friday, not long after posting an ill-timed comment about the team’s first-round pick, offensive lineman Ja’Wuan James.  Pouncey is not immune to controversy. In February, Pouncey and former teammates Richie Incognito and John Jerry were named in the Ted Wells report as the primary culprits in the harassment of Jonathan Martin and others. He found himself back in a tight spot Friday when he posted on Twitter: “Great pick! I can’t wait for our gifts he’s getting us lol.” The comment didn’t sit well with many people on social media after last year’s bullying scandal, and even Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp weighed in.



Kind of love this out of Mike Pouncey, just completely oblivous to basically everything that happened with his team and teammates in the last 6 months. Oh you guys are still hung up on that Incognito thing? What the fuck? That was like 10 years ago? I thought it was cool to haze rookies again as long as you don’t publicly say you want to shit in their mouth and creampie their sister. Oh it’s not? Well fuck, guess I’ll just delete my entire twitter account then, pussies.



Now, is Mike Pouncey a moron? Yes, but we already knew that.




And with that said, the thing that pisses me off with this tweet is the OUTRAGEOUS backlash it received by PC America. Everyone publicly condemning this to show everyone else how anti-bully they are. Get the fuck out of here, whether Pouncey tweets this or not there will always be little seniority things that happen inside a locker room. Steak dinners, better lockers, more off days and privileges. I’m not saying Mike Pouncey should be allowed to mentally tear someone down to the point of a breakdown but if you honestly believe that there won’t be any type of ball busting and light hazing then you’ve never played a sport in your life and are basically living in la la land. End of rant.